The People Story
Liza Rubchynska, Yuliah Kurbatova, Sam Finkelman || Helpers of Ukraine
April 23, 2022
Zhyty Khochu (I want to live) brings much-needed medical supplies directly into Ukraine. Liza, Yuliah, and Sam source the most needed medicines worldwide and transport them over the border, where their team distributes medical aid directly to Ukrainian civilians. There are few more worthy causes than this one. Please help them save lives by heading to their website ( and learning about their revolutionary work throughout this podcast. Keeping one person alive can save the world.
Guests: Liza Rubchynska, Yuliah Kurbatova, Sam Finkelman
Music by: Liza Rubchynska, Yuliah Kurbatova
Donate to Ukraine: Zhyty Khochu
Host: Willie Gevertz (With Willie Podcast)
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Producer: Ray Brown
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